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The Hammock Hut

Hammocking is the act of setting up and chilling in a hammock. Our hammocks are Handcrafted here, in the USA. Our Hammocks are among the highest quality available and they quite portable as well. Hammocking is not only relaxing, it is becoming an increasingly popular way to spend time with family and friends. 
For the past eleven years, The Hammock Hut has been known as The Hammock Shop. In an effort to see to it that our website address (.com) and e-mail address match the name of the business, we have made a slight shift from the word "shop" to the word "hut"...only the name has changed.
The Hammock Hut is a one-of-a-kind, living and working studio and retail shop that specializes in fine, handcrafted fabric hammocks. All products are individually handcrafted in St. Germain, Wisconsin. When you visit, you'll enjoy a unique, indoor AND outdoor shopping experience where you will be free to explore the friendly workshop, three indoor showrooms and a beautiful, outdoor setting...all filled with exceptional hammocks.
We proudly take hammocking to a whole new level. Most of the hammocks from Hammock Hut (Formerly The Hammock Shop), are constructed from repurposed, commercial-quality fabrics. These are among the highest quality hammocks any price. Many of the fabrics are sourced from facilities that outfit airplanes, train cars, commercial busses, office buildings, restaurants, automobiles, hotels, and even yachts. This method of manufacturing keeps prices low, quality very high, and greatly reduces the environmental impact of the manufacturing process. These are exceptional hammocks that are truly a joy to own. 

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